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If you stepped onto Twitter yesterday, you’ll probably have read something about this BuzzFeed UK job, which has been listed with a salary of £55,000pa. Takes on the job have been wide-ranging, from those dumbfounded a reporter job could possibly be that well paid, to others sagely commenting how desensitised we’ve come to such bad pay in this industry. But, perhaps the question isn’t ‘which is it’, but rather ‘why don’t we know which one it is’?

The answer to the latter, when you think about it is startlingly simple. None of us know how much we’re all paid and it’s still completely fine for a company to list something as ‘competitive’ or ‘DOE’. It makes it impossible to know our worth, perpetuates pay gaps and poor salaries, and quite frankly wastes everyone’s time when you interview for something that isn’t sustainable for you.

Anecdotally, things have got slightly better over the past few years. But the fact remains that all of the other media job websites will happily list a role with no salary and hiring companies face very little pushback. Even the BBC, who have a strict in-house banding structure on all roles, don’t publicly list what those bands are. Ever since we first launched our journalism jobs board back in 2018, we’ve taken a hard line on salary transparency and refuse to list any jobs without it. Week in, week out, we turn down adverts who can’t understand why we’re saying no to their ‘great opportunity’.

Ultimately, it’s down to all of us to break down salary secrecy, for the good of all of us. Ask employers what the salary is, even if it’s not a job you’re interested in. Send us your salary for our salary database here. Start conversations with friends and colleagues about pay. We’re told talking about money is rude – but it shouldn’t be. It’s powerful, and helps us all to learn our worth. Oh, and if you’re asking, no, we really shouldn’t be shocked at a salary of £55,000pa for a skilled and experienced role.

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