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Here are our plans to support you throughout the coronavirus pandemic.

It’s been two weeks since I’ve been working from home entirely, and I couldn’t really tell you much about it. It’s all been a blur. I’ve always spent most of my time working by myself but that hasn’t stopped my brain from clouding over for endless amounts of time, my eyes from aching every time I turn the laptop on, or the unsettling sense of dread and panic thats’s just about kept in check.

It was only this weekend, a whole fortnight after this first hit, that I was able to take stock. It might seem like a silly, but for me, finding the time to assess what’s working is still just as important as ever. Looking back at my week while looking forward to the next showed me the incremental improvements I’d made, albeit minor, and allowed me to think about what I could change and control in the weeks ahead.

We’ve heard a lot already about how this is a marathon, not a sprint. But for me that’s less about hunkering down, and more about being kind to yourself. Give yourself the space you need when you need it, be as flexible with your routine as possible, and don’t beat yourself up when things don’t go to plan. None of us have done this before, and there’s no textbook way to deal with it.

This said, we want to help you as much as we can, I’m pleased to finally be able to share our full range of support with you. You can read the full release here, but in short:

  • We’re expanding our one-to-one advice capacity, so we can give more advice to more people. Send us your CVs or pitches and we can take a look.

  • Along with our partners, we’re running a range of different workshops and drop-ins on everything from pitching to working remotely.

  • We’re upping our in-depth advice content, with at least two pieces put up every week and daily Instagram posts.

  • There’ll be an increased focus on finding more opportunities. We’ll try to make these newsletters longer and update our opportunities more often.

You can read more here, as well as the sterling efforts of our partners too. Equally, if there’s something we’re not offering that you’d like to see, do let us know and we’ll do our best to make it happen.

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