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🎄All of your weekly job and opps updates. Now festive themed 🎄

It’s Tuesday, we’re stressed, and it’s time for some more job updates. We can’t believe we’re now into December, which means just a couple of things from us on housekeeping:

  • It’s officially Christmas/Hanukkah/Festive Season in our books, so you’re fully welcome to email us as many themed puns as you’d like. We fully intend to make our Twitter timeline sing with puns. You’re welcome.

  • You might notice this bulletin become slightly sparser until we reach the New Year. Rest assured it’s not us, and we’re still working, but as newsrooms crank into the Christmas and New Year Rota, they’re much less likely to be hiring. We’ll add as much as we can and will be back to a full ten jobs per section in January.

Okay, the noticeboard is over. Back to the jobs and the festive stuff. Ho, ho, ho. Or something like that 🎅

  • If you want to go big, you don’t get much bigger than SciDev.Net. They’re the world’s biggest science outlet focused on global development. They’re hiring a homepage and features editor for a six maternity contract. Its pays £38-45,000pa.

  • The TRADE (all in capitals, very in your face) are looking for a multimedia journalist with a couple of years experience, and it’s as much about video and filming as it is about writing. Pays £25-29,000pa.

  • REFI Europe are looking for a reporter, who they’ll pay up to £29,000pa. They’re less interested in what you know about real estate or finance, but are keen to know you’re enthusiastic about combining traditional reporting with a more visual, analytical approach.

  • If you want to escape from Brexit, we can’t think of many things more calming than working on content about flowers. The RHS are now hiring for a specialist production editor, and you’ll be paid £36,000pa for doing just that.

  • Shout! Communications are also looking for a broadcast PR consultant, for which you’ll be paid £25-35,000pa. You’ll be selling in stories to online and broadcast journalists, overseeing radio days, and building good relationships.

  • This one from My News Mag seems like a bit of a mixed bag – mainly in that it’s listed as Sub Editor / Proof Reader / Reporter. However, it does look like a good step up for someone looking to get into an editor role, and it pays £25-27,000pa.

  • As it’s through a recruiter, we don’t know who this commissioning editor gig is for (though we always do try and guess) but it looks pretty interesting, and you’ll be commissioning around a specific area of therapy. Pays £30,000pa.

  • BBC Essex are looking for a journalist for a five month fixed term contract. It’s Band C, which means it’s somewhere between £25-49,000pa.

  • Fancy something a bit different? Eden Marsh are looking for a copywriter / creative to work at a creative agency who specialise in fashion, beauty, and luxury. Pays £30-40,000pa.

  • Again, this one is through a recruiter, so we’re not quite sure who it’s for, but this staff writer gig is offering £20-30,000pa and also get the chance to work on some podcasts and video.

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